Year 8: Geography Field trip in the New Forest

On Saturday the Year 8s left their classrooms and took a trip to the River Lymington in the New Forest to collect data as part of their practical fieldwork which accounts for 20% of their final Geography Common Entrance mark. During Sites 1 and 2 whole group discussions and demonstrations were made about the rivers gradient, flow and erosion. They then made their way downstream to Site 3, in Brokenhurst. After lunch and a quick stop to visit Henry's pig (please see photos!), the pupils waded through a small river, created by the rising main river channel, taking their own measurements in small groups.  

They used their enquiry skills to observe elements such as velocity, discharge, wetted perimeter, cross-sectional area, depth and width. To find their readings the pupils used ranging poles, a clinometer, tape measures and bottle corks! They also took notes and analysed the sizes of stones to discover the effects of erosion.  

To end the day, they made a quick trip to Barton-on-Sea to observe the landmarks and coastal management strategies to control coastal erosion, longshore drift and cliff collapse before heading back to school. The children’s enthusiasm was quite remarkable considering the weather and it was a great to see them putting theory into practise. Thank you to Mr Lyddon for organising and leading a great day had by all.