Riding: Success at Moreton


The riding teams went to Moreton today and won the first 3 classes!  All riders have qualified for the NSEA finals at Addington in October in the JWS.

In the mini 70/75 Amy (who came 2nd individually) Bella, Henry and George participated.  In the novice 80/85 Amy, Martha (3rd individually), Issie (4th individually) and Bella.  Finally in the intermediate Amy (4th individual), Martha and Issie.  The courses were long - 18 fences and very twisty.

Frances, Head of Riding, was very impressed with George  - he remembered where to go, kept his reins short and kept his pony going. This was a huge achievement for him. He also did the 80/85 and apart from one stop did exceptionally well as he has never competed at this height before.