Chinese New Year at The Walled Garden

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year in The Walled Garden.  

All children had the opportunity to find out about the animals in the Chinese zodiac, and which animal they were. 

Chinese New Year with the Walled GardenOur Year 2 and Year 3 children joined together for a carousel of activities.  They took part in art activities such as making decorations to brighten up the classrooms.

Back at The Walled Garden, the younger children completed several different creative projects including making mini dragons, lantern and paper chain making, exploring red play dough and learning about the different animals.



Chinese food for Chinese New Year with the Walled GardenWe all enjoyed dancing to music from China, and throughout the morning the children built and decorated a wonderful Chinese Dragon.  This was then used to dance around the school and into the dining room for lunch!

Our lunchtime meal was a delicious sweet and sour chicken, rice and stir fry followed by fortune cookies all eaten with chopsticks!